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Genealogy Resources

Most of us, it’s safe to assume, are interested in knowing where we come from, how we got here, who we are. One surefire method to uncover the answers to such questions is to study one’s genealogy — that is to say, to discover the identity of our ancestors. There are many ways to go about doing this — online databases, libraries, genealogy societies, professional agencies — some of them better than others. Knowing this, a safe rule-of-thumb is to utilize a variety of services if you’re looking for real accuracy and corroboration.

Genealogy isn’t just for family history hunters, though. Professionals such as attorneys, adoption specialists, journalists and writers, historians, photographic experts and others all might require the services of a genealogist to find a person’s heritage.

Below you will find links to several of these databases and publications that might help unravel the mystery of you.

Internet Databases
Most of these databases’ basic services are free with login information, but if you want something more substantial or academic, you’ll be required to pay a premium. However, most of them offer a 14-day free trial.

Journals are available for both the serious family historian or amateur genealogist. Below are some of the most popular publications.

Organizations and Societies
These groups consist of professionals and amateurs alike. The more recently founded groups use sophisticated DNA and genetics research as part of their charting the movement of humans.

Continuing Education
Some of these degrees and certificates are offered from colleges, others by professional societies.

Professional Services
Feel as if you’d rather leave your family history hunting up to the experts? No problem. Below are some suggestions.