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Biology Lessons: The Animal Kingdom

Biology is the study of the characteristics and behaviors of all living organisms. This would include all animals such as birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, and mammals. Animals have existed for over 610 million years. We have them in our homes, in zoos, forests, deserts, oceans, swamps and jungles. The animal kingdom is diverse and fascinating and has always had a way of captivating our interests and hearts. The following resources provide a plethora of information on animals from their habitats, life cycles, characteristics, and more. Take a tour of zoos, jungles and underwater habitats and get to really know the animals of our planet.

Animal Websites

  • Oakland Zoo: A collection of articles and videos fact sheets of birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and arthropods.
  • Animal Planet: Watch videos and see photos of wildlife.
  • Electronic Zoo: A collection of resources teaching about animals of classification.
  • Field Guides: Comprehensive list of animal guides.
  • Amazing Animals: A collection of resources of videos, sounds, fact sheets and maps of creatures.
  • E-species: Learn about over 50 species from continents all over the world.
  • Sea World: Sea World is committed to showing a true representation of the natural world in education. You’ll find a collection of fact sheets, sound clips, and virtual habitats.
  • Wildlife: The Defenders Wildlife is dedicated to preserving wildlife species and habitats. Here you can view over 100 fact sheets of endangered animals.
  • The National Zoo: Take a virtual tour anytime of the day and see almost 400 species.
  • New England Aquarium: Explore the exhibits and profiles of species in the New England Aquarium.

Animal Lesson Plans

Animal Activities

  • Australian Animals: Lesson plan and activities teaching students about Australian animals.
  • Reptiles: A social studies activity for kindergarten
  • Animal Crafts: A resource for teachers to teach about animals with crafts and activities.
  • Five Kingdoms: Teachers can use this 3-5 day activity to teach students about the five kingdoms. In this activity students must create a PowerPoint for each kingdom.

Animal Media

  • Animal Clips: Over a thousand videos of children’s favorite animals.
  • Farm Animals: A compilation of video and images of farm animals.
  • African Wildlife: A multimedia archive of African animals.
  • Baby Videos: Videos of baby animals in the San Diego Zoo.
  • Animal Sounds: A large gallery of animal sounds from the Card Wildlife Education Center.
  • Animal Wildlife Videos: Videos of amphibians, birds, insects, mammals, marine animals, reptiles and prehistoric animals.
  • Who am I?: Students listen to sounds and guess what makes it.
  • Audio Clips: Sounds of wild animals of Belize.
  • Animals in Nature: Sounds of common animals found in nature.
  • Animal Noises: This page combines English and German to name animal sounds. Its fun way for students to hear how the sounds are in German.

Additional Animal Materials

  • Quizzes: Choose between the large or small animal interactive quizzes.
  • Classification Quiz: 12 question quiz students on their knowledge  of classification of living things.
  • Animal Quizzes: A collection of animal quizzes from all the continents.
  • Zoology: A collection of lessons, worksheets, multimedia resources and tests on zoology.
  • Vocabulary Quiz: An animal identifier quiz. Match the animal with the correct word. There are 46 questions.
  • School Zoo: A first grade Web Quest that tasks students with choosing animals for their zoo and research the animal’s chosen